Formerly NARAL Pro-Choice Montana
Expand access to abortion and contraceptive care in Montana.

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Every Montanan should be free to access abortion care when they need it, without government interference.

In the Treasure State, we know that our freedom is precious. That’s why we will do everything we can to protect our freedom to decide what’s best for ourselves and our families – including making personal decisions about abortion and contraceptive care.

Only we can decide what’s best for our bodies, our lives, our families, and our futures.
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The government should never restrict our access to healthcare

Our lives are our own. Everyone should be able to  decide what’s best for them, including being free to consent to sex, choose your partners, use the contraceptive method of your choice (including no method if that’s your preference), and access abortion care if and when you need it.

Abortion and contraceptive care are legal and available in Montana. We welcome anyone who needs care, including our neighbors from states near and far.  

As Montanans, we share a love of freedom and adventure. For too long, our road trips have been plagued by anti-abortion billboards and ugly messaging meant to shame and stigmatize those who access abortion care. Montanans for Choice decided to change the scenery – and change the conversation. We are placing billboards along roads and highways across our state, and we are sharing messages online and over the radio, to ensure that every Montanan knows that they are loved and supported in their decision to end a pregnancy.